Saturday, January 24, 2015

Creating Space for God

How much time and space do I give to God?  In order to become intimately acquainted with Him, I must spend time with Him.  But, this space is special, "other-worldly" and in God's dimension.  It is tuning into kairos, a time that is only God's. It is meeting my God in His own sphere and in His own way. As Carl Henry writes in The Evangelical Dictionary of Theology, it represents "the arena of man's decision on his way to an eternal destiny." (page 1096) I like that.  Meeting each day with my Lord, in His time, is getting me closer and closer to my eternal destiny where I can talk to Him face to face. 

Friday, January 16, 2015

2014 just wasn't a year to post, I guess. It's OK. Hopefully, I will begin sharing my thoughts for 2015--a new beginning.  I love change and new beginnings.  God has a way of shaking us up and changing us.  I really believe that we must continue to change and allow God to recreate us.  

One thing I have committed to this year after even MORE EXTRAVAGANT TIME with the Lord is a class called 52 weeks.  This lady is so like me in many ways--an introvert who loves the QUIET.  I can't wait to see God's hand in this.