Tuesday, November 5, 2013


This morning, as I mourn yet another friend, I think about the popular epitaph, "RIP" that people often share in consolation. Something just doesn't seem right about that when I think about heaven.  I can't see my friend "resting".  She was always busy doing something, teaching the children in her sweet, quiet way or traveling with her husband.  She loved to travel!  So, I can see her having the time of her life right now, traveling wherever she so desires to go, catching up with long ago relatives, and telling them all about the four loves of her life, her husband, two beloved sons and her new daughter-in-law.  

My friend, Jennifer at http://jenniferdukeslee.com/what-your-heart-is-really-longing-for/ wrote about Heaven this week.  

"You will put your hand to the heart of Jesus and feel it thrumming. Feel His breath on your shoulder. Find yourself a hammock. Run barefoot in snow. Spin through fields of Queen Anne’s lace. Wear a feather boa to supper. Put together a 1,000-piece puzzle with the guy who hung next to your Savior. Ride on the back of a lion. Visit your great-great-great-great grandma. Feed a giraffe. Paint your house purple. Never lock the front door. Tell Thomas how you totally “got” all his questions. Walk on water, then through sand, and no one will get mad when you put your dirty feet on the throne room floor."

That just struck a chord in me this week.  What do I want to do in Heaven?
  • Look into the eyes of Jesus and ask those questions that have been rolling around in my mind all my life.
  • Stand on the top of the highest mountain and then bask in the warm sun rays of the Caribbean. 
  • Paint a picture
  • Take a photo of the Aurora Borealis 
  • Sing the Hallelujah Chorus with the celestial choir
  • Hug my mother and daddy and grandparents 
  • Catch up with my two best college friends
  • Walk through a mountain meadow and pick the most beautiful bouquet of flowers, knowing that they will always stay that way.
  • Continue to do the Lord's work, because I know He has the most fulfilling job waiting for me in Heaven.
As Christians, we know that after our lives are complete here on earth, we will continue to live even more vibrant lives with the Lord.  Eternity is what Christianity is all about.  

Have the time of your life, my friend.  We look forward to having all eternity with you!  I know you'll have many trips planned for us when we get there.


  1. I love this word, Cindy. You are truly an inspiration and a wonderful example of the Father's Love to those you who know you and to those who read your words. Miss visiting with you! Love and blessings....Sueflu

  2. How are you my sweet friend...It was so good to see you come up on my bar......Your post really makes me think and I am going to do a list for myself......I will look forward to spending some time with you in eternity and we can catch up on all we didn't have an opportunity to say while on this earth.....Hugs to you....