Wednesday, May 15, 2013


There is no way to describe it, but as one of those serendipitous moments in life—a time out of the ordinary that becomes the extraordinary. 

It started several weeks ago, when Emma, Nancy, and I were sitting around the table drinking coffee or eating, two things we love to do.   When we’re together, the conversation can go all kinds of different ways.  We have been friends for over 40 years; and we never seem to run out of anything to talk about!  This day we started talking about the singing group, Il Divo. 
“Wouldn’t it be fun to go and hear them?”
“Yes, if they are ever in driving distance, we must go and see them!”
“Hmm, let’s check their website!”  IPhones come out.
“Can you believe it? It looks like they are in Nashville in two weeks?”
“I bet Billie would love to go, too!”

The excitement builds and then reality hits.  Both Billie and Nancy are caregivers with the full time responsibility for their loved ones.  There just didn't seem any way that we could take off for Nashville. Who would take care of their loved ones? Also, we knew it would be impossible at that late date to get decent tickets.  Dismissing the possibility, we changed the subject and decided to go out for lunch.

Several days later the phone rings.  It’s a conference call from Nancy, Emma, and Nancy’s son, Matt. 

“You all are NOT going to believe this!”
“Tell them, Matt!”
“I got you complimentary tickets to go and see Il Divo!”
“No way!”

Matt lives in New York.  He has a friend who is associated with Il Divo, and he got us the four tickets to the Nashville concert.  Not only that, but a couple of days later, Matt sent an email saying that there would also be four backstage passes waiting for us at the ticket counter.  We were actually going to meet Il Divo!

Nancy and Billie were able to make arrangements for their loved ones, and the trip was on!  Leaving here early on a Wednesday morning, we drove to Nashville, talking non-stop the entire way.  We were so excited.

We stayed at the Marriott Hotel, only a block or so away from the Ryman Theater, where Il Divo was going to perform that night.  We were instructed to go to the theater at 5:30 to pick up our tickets and backstage passes.  Walking up to the ticket counter, we were told that there were no tickets waiting for us at that time.  Sensing that we were feeling a little nervous, the lady behind the counter explained that the band hadn’t sent up their tickets yet.  OK, we sat outside to wait. 

 “Well,” Nancy said, “we’ll just beg standing room only tickets if these other tickets fall through!”

Yep, we hadn’t come all this way to be left standing at the door!

But, a short time later, the nice lady from the ticket counter came out to us grinning from ear to ear.  She had an envelope in her hand that contained our tickets and backstage passes.

Joining the others standing in line for the “meet and greet," we snaked our way into the theater.  Waiting in line overlooking
the beautiful Ryman (Grand Ole Opry) Theater balcony, we tried to figure out where we would be sitting for the concert. 

“See that column over there?” Nancy said.  “I will probably be sitting right behind that!”  Laughing, we said we just didn’t care!

After about thirty minutes, we walked through the door to the backstage.  Ordered to leave our purses and cameras on the shelf by the door, we entered a narrow hallway.  People began passing by us as they filed out, smiling and (as was the case for several ladies) swooning and fanning themselves.

Finally, we reached the room, and it was our turn to meet Il Divo.  Walking into the small room, we saw four handsome young men with huge smiles on their faces.  Shaking our hands, they asked if we were looking forward to the show.  Emma and I were rather shy, but Nancy and Billie talked to them like they were old friends and thanked them for the tickets.  Nancy explained that Justin had gotten us the tickets.

 “Just Bieber?” One of them asked.
Nancy laughed. “No, your assistant producer, Justin!”

We had our picture taken and about three minutes later filed out.  It was time for the show!

Making our way to our seats, we were delighted to discover that our seats were center stage and about six rows back.  They couldn’t have been any better! 

The concert was amazing.  The voices of these four men were rich and pure.  They rang throughout the small auditorium filling all of us with joy.  The audience responded with multiple standing ovations.  We were enthralled.  As I looked at my friends, their faces glowed with delight.  It was a night to remember.  For a short time, we were able to forget all that was going on in our lives and basked in the moment.  I thanked God for it.

Four Tickets to see Il Divo—$600 (Complimentary)
Four Backstage Passes for a Meet and Greet—$1800.00 (Complimentary)
An unforgettable evening with friends—Priceless 

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