Thursday, March 21, 2013

Don't Look Back

The title of our sermon series this month at my church is “Don’t Look Back.”  The pastor encourages us to let go of the past (and the things we wish that we hadn’t done), and look toward the future.  Driving home after the first sermon, I started thinking……I’ts not only about looking back on the past and the wrongs we have done, but also the good things; resting on them and not moving forward.
Last year, after fighting the breast cancer, I remember sharing a miracle with my church.  The pastor said something like, “yes, that miracle is great, but God won’t stop there!  He has even greater things in store for you!”  That didn’t downgrade the miracle, but made me realize that I needed to expect and believe that our God will to "do even greater things than these!" John 14:12 I can't sit on that miracle for the rest of my life, but must keep believing God for more miracles to build on that one.
It confirmed another story that I had heard when I was on my silent retreat last spring.  Every morning I met with a lady to talk about the week and what God was doing in it.  She shared about an 85 year old, sometimes irascible, nun that she knew.  She told me that she was gushing over something God had done in her life, and the nun told her "Don't even think you have seen all that God has to offer you. You have to keep expecting more!" It made me think that I have to wake up every morning with expectation in my spirit that God is going to do something new and fresh!
I can't wait!

Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Yes! Revisited

 One hot, summer day several years ago, God spoke to me in a pretty miraculous way.  I wrote about it here. Our entire family was going through a very difficult time, and there was just not any understanding it.  How could anything good come out of this situation?

God brought it all back to my memory as I perched on the back of my husband's truck, camera in hand, driving through the flooded bayou to be a part of my soon to be daughter-in-law's bridal photo shoot.  Sometimes, we just have to go through the flood to get to the miracle.  

And it makes it all the more sweeter.  One thing I do know, our God is ever faithful, and "we know that in ALL things God works for the good of those who love him."  Romans 8:28.