Tuesday, October 2, 2012

It's Time

Life has been kind of quiet here at "a quiet place."  Each day I have been driving back and forth to Little Rock to complete my healing---30 radiation treatments.  Why do I have to have radiation if there was no trace of the cancer after the surgery?  The doctor explained that it would cut my chances of recurrence from 35% to 5%.  How can I argue with those odds?  Radiation is quick and painless, just a bother to have to drive to Little Rock everyday.  

One wonderful benefit of being in treatment with CARTI is that they offer two free massages.  Ahh, my sluggish, achy body could definitely use a massage.  As I was driving into the parking lot of the cute little house called, Touche Point, my phone rang.  It was Marsha at "The Woman's Place", a pregnancy resource center in my town.  "Are you ready to come back?"  I was volunteering there last January when I was first diagnosed.  It was what I wanted to do....to be able to help the girls not only emotionally as they went through their pregnancies, but spiritually--something that I was not allowed to do as a school counselor.  "Yes," I told her.  "Yes, it's time."  

It's time to get my life back in order....to get my life back to normal.  I'm tired of cancer with it's chemo, surgery and radiation.  Several months ago, I asked my granddaughter, Kate, about her  friend, Tessa. Tessa's mother  had breast cancer, and I was wondering how her mother was doing.  "Cisa, she's done with that cancer!"  I laughed and said that was certainly a good way to put it.  So, I'm ready to be done with that cancer, too!"

Lord, thank you for giving me this opportunity to use my gift of life to help others.

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  1. Oh Cindy I am so glad life is getting back to "normal" for you. This year has been a difficult one but obviously God has brought you out to a good place and is ready to use you to spread His love to others....Thank you Lord.....

    Thank you so much for your prayers, emails and blog comments these last few months. They have been so encouraging for me...

    Love you special friend....