Sunday, June 3, 2012

Sunday Quiet


  1. Cindy, thank you for linking up with Scripture Sunday this week - it is a pleasure to host a link back to your site.

    May I just quote something I posted on ECTaS this morning:

    Quote: "... have you noticed that Jesus is not referred to as being a lily of the valley [singular] but rather as a lily of the valleys [plural]?

    I find this encouraging because I believe that whatever 'spiritual valleys' we may find ourselves travelling through... The 'lily of the valleys' has planted His beauty and grace in each and every one of them!" [end of quote].

    Cindy, you mentioned in your comment on my post that you "wished you had a whole bunch of lilies" ... All I can say is that having just read your post prior to this one, i.e. "Sitting with God', I can indeed smell the aroma of freshly cut lilies...

    God bless you - your post really touched my heart today!

  2. Love the picture... some are closed, some are open, not too different from our heart conditions. Beautiful.

  3. It IS glorious! Beautiful. I always love how pictures and scriptures fit together. A nice "God-thing".

  4. Lovely photo! Thanks so much for your kind comment on my photo and verse.
    BTW, you look great for being married 41 years and being a grandmom to 7!

  5. Hi Cindy!

    Just to let you know that you are the featured post on Scripture Sunday as your link had the most visitors.

    Congratulations - your awards can be collected at: