Monday, June 11, 2012


This week was a week of joys; a week that lit up my soul and perked up my spirit.  Not only has He blessed me with personal joy, but He has also allowed me to experience other people’s joys.  Isn’t that just like God?

Her face was beaming.  She was standing at the check-in desk at the doctor’s office, proudly showing off a huge sheet cake.  It took me a minute to understand what was happening, until I realized that she was holding up a celebration cake for her daughter’s last chemo treatment.  Her 18-year-old daughter had just graduated from high school and chemo!  She is a beautiful, bright young lady, ready to start the next cancer-free phase of her life.  Oh, joy! 

Owen is a precious six-year-old boy who has spent the last two years of his life in and out of St. Jude’s hospital, enduring the rigors of chemo treatment.  This last week was supposed to be his last treatment ending with a “No-Mo Chemo” Party yesterday.  At the beginning of the week, he started running a high fever, putting him back in the hospital one last time.  One night last week, the minister and others in his church came to his hospital room to anoint him with oil and pray for him.  The next day, all fever was gone, and Owen was back on track for his big party!  Oh, joy!

This weekend, a young friend played in a softball tournament. Gracie wore this ribbon in her hair in my honor as her team played in the Pitch For A Cure tournament in Springdale. Oh, joy!

Finally, my daughter and grandchildren were here with me this weekend.  Picking up another granddaughter and two grandsons to complete the mix, the weekend was a buzz of non-stopped fun-filled energy! We swam, played in the dirt, and attended a Princess Tea. Double joy!

There may have been some difficult moments these last five and a half months, but I can honestly say that God has infused my life with huge amounts of joy.

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