Sunday, May 13, 2012

Bea, Edna, and Betty

She was sitting quietly in the waiting room when I arrived last Monday.  I smiled at her when I sat down. “How did you make it last week?” I asked.  She had sat beside me the previous week as she received her first chemo treatment.  “I made it OK—not too bad.”  She proceeded to tell me about a few of her aches and pains as if we had been friends forever.  Her tooth ached, and she didn’t know how to handle it.  “Probably because I’ve been chewing that nicotine gum in order to stop those cigarettes. “  Bea has lung cancer.  Chemo will do that to you.  We are thrown into a sisterhood whose membership is based on cancer and it’s antidotes—God and chemo.

An hour and a half later, I was situated in my recliner ready to receive my 8th Healing Drip.  Across from me, two ladies sat side by side.  One of them (Betty) was trying to cover the other one (Edna) up with her blanket.  Edna was this precious little black lady.  Her head was covered with a bright turquoise turban.  She was freezing.  “I’m always cold,” she explained as she peeked at me through her glasses behind the skimpy blanket.  Betty asked the nurse if she could get another blanket for Edna.  It seemed there was none available, so I asked Edna if she would like to use my shawl.  A friend had just given it to me. “It’s a prayer shawl,” I explained.  “My friend, Ginny, crocheted this shawl, praying with every stitch.  She would love for me to share the shawl and the prayers with you.” Both Edna’s and Betty’s faces lit up.  Betty said, “Isn’t that just like God, to sit all of us together!”  Betty was as enthusiastic and talkative as Edna was quiet.  She was bubbling with the need to talk about her God.  She would grasp her hands together and look up to heaven, telling us how good her God was to her.  She did not stop talking the entire hour and a half that I was there.  Cancer had not dulled her spirit or her enthusiasm for life.  “Isn’t it great that we can talk like this?” she said.  “It makes the time go by so much faster!” Betty was a hoot!

How grateful I am that God has given me these precious people!  We have unwittingly walked into each other’s lives for a reason.  We are strong—yet vulnerable, optimistic—yet cautious, fearful—yet fearless, normal—yet not.  God has thrown each one of us into another dimension, literally a paradigm shift of our lives.  We have each other, and we will never be the same again.

Please say a prayer for Bea, Edna, and Betty.

The mountains may shift, and the hills may be shaken, but my faithful love won’t shift from you, and my covenant of peace won’t be shaken, says the LORD, the one who pities you. Isaiah 54:10


  1. I have been praying for you all week Cindy...And its a honor to pray for your friends.
    Your so right God throws us into new dimensions and with that so many shifts. I have to say though my life has be so enriched by those met through having cancer. I can't imagine it being any different then it is today. I have learned this is the path chosen for me by Him and things come in His timing. Including those He placed with me during treatment. So I understand how he places each person there for a reason during that time ( or season). Its pretty amazing how that works.

    Your photo is awesome and the verse perfect for how life is with God and chemo.

    My prayers go with you as you walk..

  2. I don't know why but I am always amazed and in awe of how God brings just the right people into our lives at just the right moment....this is such a sweet story of precious women supporting each other in a "soft" time in their lives all the while being surrounded by God's precious love and comfort....I am continuing to pray for you sweet girl.....

  3. I too have been through chemo, and I enjoyed the encouragement from other ladies in that room. My treatments are finished now, and I am healing. You will reach that point too. God is blessing you every day. Loof for those blessings and you will find joy.