Sunday, January 8, 2012

Sometimes Life Needs A Push To Just Get Started

          A new year.........the hardest part of anything is "getting started".  I can think of several things in my life that I have had a difficult time getting started.
  • As a child---homework
  • As a wife and mother---housework
  • As a child of God---His work
     Once, however, you make that first step, it really does get easier.  Why is it that we (I) have so much trouble just getting started.  
     My church is kick starting this new year with 12 days set a part to help "get us started" on the new year.  They call it a "Solemn Assembly", a time of prayer, fasting, Bible reading, and coming together as the Body of Christ.  It has certainly helped me to focus on God's purpose for the year and start a new adventure.
         "Blow the trumpet in Jerusalem; call for a day when everyone fasts.  Tell everyone to stop work.  Bring the people together and make the meeting holy for the Lord."  Joel 2:15,16
     Now that's doing something---that's taking the first step---that's getting started in a holy way.

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