Friday, January 27, 2012

My Fellow Travelers

            So, who goes with me on this journey?  I am so blessed to have an amazing, strong husband of almost 42 years who loves me “through sickness and in health”.  He is sweet and kind, solicitous when needed, and backs away when he knows that I just need to be alone. We are also blessed with three children and two sons-in-law who are strong in their Christian faith and love their mama……what can I say? And then there are our seven “grand” children, 10, 8, 6,6,6, 3, and 3.  Their precious smiles, hugs, and kisses are what I live for.  My heart’s desire is to see them all graduate from high school and college, and walk down the aisle in their weddings.  Of course, there are my friends—dear, sweet, Christian sisters who bring me casseroles, chicken salad, cute “Life is Good” hat and T-shirt, Subway (like today), cry and laugh with me, pray for me, plan trips when I feel better, and help me decorate my shelves!  I have also had calls from the brave survivors, giving me encouragement and strength that I can beat it too! Our church and pastor fills our spiritual souls with prayer, beautiful praise music, sound teaching, and the belief that healing is in the future.  Added to all of this are my Facebook friends, the sisters at Bible Café for Women, and other sisters that I have met through their beautiful and inspiring blogs. Finally,  I can’t leave out my constant companions, Max and Ruby, my darling daschunds.  Like the beautiful song by Jamie Grace, I am “Not Alone”.
          My husband and I met my doctor this week.  I prayed that God would give me a doctor who cared………and He did!  She carefully and unhurriedly explained the process of chemo with its possible side effects and assured me that she would do everything that she could do to help me survive chemo ((or as my dear friend Ruth calls it—the healing drip into my body).  She went out of her way to order one last test so that I could begin chemo on Wednesday.  The fight has begun.


  1. Cindy you are amazing. And you are right - you have a wonderful family and friends that love you so much. Hang in there - God will take care of you. :) J

  2. I love the book of Isaiah, such strength in those scriptures. I am praying for you, Cindy. Thanks for stopping by my place. God will carry you through.

  3. You are in my thoughts and prayers!