Sunday, December 18, 2011

Sunday- Mary's Song

One day as I was praying
An angel came to me
And told me not to be afraid.
He said he had a message sent from God’s own hand,
A message for all people in God’s land.

I felt an overwhelming peace inside my soul,
As God showed me my special role,
By fulfilling the promise made to Abraham,
In sending God’s sacrificial lamb.

I am only a child myself,
Betrothed to a man I love,
But God has chosen me to carry His own son.
His perfect plan has begun.

The days passed very quickly then;
My life was never the same.
My soul magnified the Lord,
And I waited until my time came.

The child lies here beside me now
In this small and dusty place,
And I feel the presence of the Most High God
As He smiles at his own Son’s face.

I was chosen to give birth to God’s own son.
I will be the mother of his child.
What happens now, I don’t know
But God’s special plan has begun…………….

          God’s special plan has begun.

CH Copyright 1988


  1. Beautiful poem. Perfect plan.

    Thanks so much for linking up!

  2. What incredible faith and trust she had.

  3. Very nice! I like to ponder God's special plan for me too! A Blessed Christmas! Patsy from