Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Christmas Memory Tree

        The Christmas before my daddy died (32 years ago), he and my mother helped me craft this beautiful Christmas memory tree.  This tree is special in many ways.  For one thing, it is covered with jewelry and memorabilia that go all the way back to my childhood (my brownie pin), through college (owls from my sorority), and to trips that I have taken as an adult.  It is also special because my father had a part in making it for me.  This was something he rarely had the time to do.

      My daddy worked six days a week, from 9 to 9, as the manager of a small department store.  Christmas was always a family affair.  My mother was the cashier, my brother clerked, and I wrapped presents.  It was exhausting, but at least we were together as a family.  So, there was not a lot of time for crafts and Christmas decorating at home.  But, this special year, my mother and daddy had fun helping me create this tree.
     To make the tree, all you need is:
  • A picture frame (I spray painted it gold)
  • A piece of plywood the same size as the picture frame.
  • Velvet to cover the plywood
  • A string of lights
  • Pearls to outline the tree
  • Jewelry, pins, memorabilia to glue on the tree
Draw a tree on the plywood and drill holes where you want the lights to stick out. Cover the plywood with the velvet cloth. Feel where the holes are and cut through the velvet.   Drape the pearls in the shape of your tree.  String the lights through the holes.

The fun part:  Hot glue your "ornaments" on the tree.  I added new ornaments this year from some old jewelry that I had found.

        My parents are both gone now, so every year, I look forward to hanging this memory tree and taking the time to "remember".  It is fun to show my grandchildren the ornaments and explain what they meant to me and where they came from.

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