Sunday, October 2, 2011

"I Am who I Am", Scripture Verse # 19

Never in my 63 years have I taken a vacation in the fall.  As a child, I was always in school and as a young adult, my children were in school; and then of course, I was working in school. So, it was a delight and pleasure to take off for the Rocky Mountains this September. The colors were, to say the least, stunning.  I could not believe how beautiful the aspens were in their “quaky” goldenness.   The sound of the aspens was lovely enough without the added glow of the yellow leaves.  It took my breath away.  I kept telling Preston to “stop!”   Every turn of the road seemed to reveal an even more beautiful sight. 
            I love to imagine what heaven is like, and this must be it!  Heaven surely rivals or exceeds even the most beautiful sights on earth. “Lord”, I remember saying, “I hope it’s always fall in heaven!" I love the clear, crisp days and beautiful colors.  After the hot, humid, breathless days of summer, autumn is my favorite.
            As the sun filtered through the golden trees, it seemed to light them on fire.  I could almost imagine God shaking those trees and talking to me like he did Moses from the burning bush. So many questions come to my mind when I talk to God.  Just like Moses, I find myself arguing with Him.  Who are you?  What do you want from me?  Where are you, God?  As I look again at these photos, and think about this scripture, God speaks in His still, quiet voice to my heart......I Am.  That's really all I need to know right now.  Someday, when I'm face to face with Jesus, I'll know completely.


  1. indeed He is awesome and these sights are just dazzling and we just have to understand that we cant understand who or what He really is. but all we know is that He loves us greatly and we ought to love Him back with all our heart with soul and with all our might.

  2. His ways we cant understand but onething is clear that He loves us greatly and we ought to love Him Back with all our heart, soul and might.