Wednesday, August 3, 2011


So, did I see it or did I not see it?  Was it my imagination or was it really God talking to me...specifically me?  I've read about people seeing Jesus' face in wood, nature, and even peanut butter sandwiches.  So, maybe if I put my thoughts to words, I can make sense of it all.

For the last week, I have wrestled with God, cried out to Him, pleaded with Him, and just tried to make sense out of what is happening in our lives right now.  The Bible says that God is in control, so I have tumbled this truth around in my head searching for peace.  I wake in the night with questions pounding into my brain, twirling around until I  can only chase them away by saying the name of Jesus quietly and prayerfully over and over until I can go back to sleep.

So, yesterday as I was driving to the Dollar Store, I started praying again.  "Are you in control, God?  Help me to know that you are in control, Lord."  For some reason, I looked up to the sky at that very same time. These hot, sultry days of summer haven't lent themselves to very many clouds in the sky, but right above me was a large, puffy cloud that looked just like a "Y".  I drove under some trees and looked up when the sky came back into view.  Sure enough, the "Y" was still there and right beside it,  the clouds  looked just like a cursive "e" and then a "s".

Did I really see "Yes" in the sky?   Was it my imagination; my brain trying to make sense out of everything?  As I continued to drive, a peace just flooded over me.  "Yes," God is in control.  "Yes," He has a perfect plan that sometimes we can't see and-------"Yes," He is there for us when we just don't understand.


  1. I think God speaks to us in all sorts of ways...whatever way He chooses....
    I don't think we can put Him in a box.....So just take it and trust Him...He loves you so much.....

    Hugs and blessings,

  2. Thank you, Nancy. You're right. Sometimes we expect it one way and then He surprises us!

  3. It is a powerful truth that the Lord meets us at our point of need and that He is a most creative God. I rejoice with you that He whispers and shouts in the midst of our confusion God is so good.

  4. I love that picture.

    And what Nancy said. :)

  5. Cindy, Smiling big here. For the last several years, I've seen "Ys" everywhere ... in the clouds, sidewalk cracks, branches, even a scar on my leg. It's a long story to tell in this comment box, but to me, the Y has represented Yahweh. And you know what? Yahweh is a great big YES!

    So glad you linked up, my friend.

  6. Thank you for sharing.

    In control indeed. Praying that the One who controls the wind and the waves (and clouds) continues to speak peace to your heart.

  7. He made those clouds- they certainly are at His command - I don't know what all is going on in your life- but that same God who breathed life into the dust of the earth & created man- He most definitely is in control!!! thank you for sharing your beautiful story - hope your situation is better.