Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Scripture #9--Cast your cares on the Lord

      Yesterday, the boys and I walked across the street to take a picture of a huge, fallen, oak tree.  This tree was on the record as the largest oak tree in Arkansas.  It had been wired and loved and admired for all of these years, but its time had come, and it crashed to the ground on May 2, 2011, because of disease, decay, and record rainfall.  Thankfully, it fell safely sparing the house that it had sheltered for all of these years.
      My grandsons will not even remember this tree that graced their neighbor's house for all of their lives, but they will remember the joy of splashing through the rain-filled yard, blissfully without a care in the world.  I pray that God will protect and sustain them forever, never letting them fall.

Interesting that it looks like it is pointing to God.

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