Monday, July 5, 2010

The Week-End Getaway

It's 11:30 at night.  Hard to believe that I'm awake at my computer.  I mean "really" awake.  Actually, I thought I would start writing some tonight and more tomorrow morning.  I have decided that if I lived in France, I would add about 10 more years to my life because I am staying awake at least six more hours a day!  We just finished dinner (10:30) and it's finally time for bed.  I promise you, Preston, that I won't bring this schedule home with me.
We spent the week-end with a lovely couple, Regina and John Michael and their daughter, Aut.  They had a beautiful chateau (house) that was decorated with a soft, weathered blue and different shades of beige and white.  Her style reminded me so much of Emma's, simple yet very elegant. Regina was such a gracious hostess, feeding us several wonderful meals at this beautiful table.  The first evening, I know we sat at the table for at least two hours.  Our first course was prosciutto and melon. The second course was salad, shrimp (huge), smoked salmon, poached salmon, and potatoes. This was accompanied by a bottle of champagne and white wine.  After the main course, they always bring out the cheese.  I have never seen so many kinds of cow and goat cheese.  That is eaten with more of their good bread.  The meal was completed with fresh cherries (picked from their very own cherry trees) and a spot of limoncello.  Rolling up to bed, I woke up to this in the morning.

It really is getting late, so I'll finish this in the morning.  Of course, you'll be asleep when I get up!

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