Saturday, July 3, 2010

The Picnic--The People

Travel is all about meeting people.  Our picnic last night was a lot of fun.  Unlike the picnic on Tuesday night, some of these people spoke English.  There was a retired couple, both lawyers, from Atlanta.  The man's son worked on Wesley Clark's campaign when he ran for president.  Interestingly, he asked if I knew a lady by the name of Lucy Abraham.  His son stayed with her when he was in Little Rock.  I could have sworn that she had some kind of connection to Lonoke.  Someone help me with this!   I met another man who spoke English from Scotland whose wife was from France.  The most interesting conversation was with a young man from Austria.  He came up to me and explained that he was on holiday and was "couch surfing"  He could speak very little French, but his English was excellent.  He looked to be 18, but was actually 28 and had started two companies, one a social networking website and his other company sold "glow sticks".  Facebook has put a big dent in the social networking site, so he said he had to change his way of thinking to keep his site competitive.  But we had an enlightened conversation about the way European's view the US.  The European media made a laughing stock of the Bush administration and obviously likes Obama a lot. Using the fact that he was a businessman and had an invested effort in keeping his company afloat, I explained why many of us believe in our capitalist society.  Hopefully, he had a different view of the US after our conversation.

I had to say goodbye to my little friend, Francoise, because his parents came to pick him up at the beach last night.  I will miss him.  He was very sweet (and energetic) and kissed my hand when he left.  He taught me French!  His favorite word was pourquoi which he shortened to "quoi" (sounds like qua) Pourquoi means "why".  So he was always asking "qua?, qua? qua?"  He sounded like a little bird.

Today we travel inland to visit an old friend of Liliane's.  I won't be back to my computer until Monday sometime, so I will update everything then.

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