Wednesday, July 7, 2010


We went swimming in the sea again this morning.  It was cold, but after a night of 80 + degrees in my room, it felt wonderful!

Today was the day to see Marseille.  We started at the highest point in Marseille, Our Lady of the Guard.  I actually remember this beautiful church from 43 years ago, because hanging from the ceiling were airplanes, boats, and even a tank.  The Nazis took over Marseille during the war in order to deport the Jews.  It was liberated by the Allied Forces in 1944.  Marseille is a big city with lots of cars.  It was almost impossible to drive through the city.  Arthur was getting very frustrated with the traffic.

We ate lunch at the church, a restaurant run by Catholic nuns from France and Africa.  The food was excellent.  I had a delicious flounder with potatoes.

After lunch we drove down the coast, stopping several times to "Take a little walk," one of Arthur and Liliane's favorite things to do.
My day ended with my first taste of Pastis, the national drink of France.  It tastes like licorice and wasn't half bad.

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