Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Liliane's mother

Liliane's sweet mother is the picture of a little French lady with her curly white hair and sturdy figure.  She is a survivor.  She was the daughter of a Jewish couple who moved to France in the 1920's.  Her father was quite the entrepreneur, dipping his hand in business and politics.  He became very wealthy and his wife and little daughter were treated as royalty.  Unfortunately, his ways exceeded his means, and one night he simply disappeared, leaving his wife not only in debt, but with no means of national identification.  The authorities picked up the wife and child  and took them to jail. Liliane's mother was only 8 years old, but they kept her mother and released her to make her way on her own across Marseille.  Somehow she came in contact with relatives who went to the authorities to get her mother released.  Liliane's grandmother had no means to support herself until a neighbor lady took pity on her and taught her to sew.  So, that was what she did to support herself and her child.  During WWII, Liliane's mother was sent to the middle of France to hide out from the Nazi's.  If she was stopped for her identification, she would claim that it was at the very bottom of her backpack and the impatient soldier would let her go.  She refused to wear the star of David that Jewish people were required to wear during the war.  She has the most infectious smile and a laugh that makes me smile.

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