Friday, July 9, 2010

La Ciotat and SALES

As I said earlier today, I just couldn't get up early this morning to go to the beach after going to bed at 2:00 am.  But, we made up for that this afternoon.  Liliane is determined to show me as much as possible in the short time that I have left here in France.  We went to the village to talk to a lady at a dress shop who promised Liliane that if the jacket she bought a couple of weeks ago went on sale, she would give her the sale price.  Twice a year the merchants in France are allowed to have a "sale".  This is a BIG deal.  The sale started last Monday.  Every shop has signs all over their windows:  50%, 40%, 30% off!  Kind of like McCrary's after Christmas.  Liliane brought her sales receipt and the lady gave her credit for the difference.  I was impressed.

We went to visit another beautiful church in La Ciotat.  Unfortunately, the French are not very religious, but their churches are works of art.  This church had beautiful modern murals on the walls.

After our trip to the village, Liliane took me to two fjords that are very popular for swimming and picnicing.  They were beautiful except for the steep steps descending to them.  There was a restaurant at the bottom of one of them.  It was BQ sardines night, obviously very popular with the locals.  What can I say?  We eat mud bugs.

Liliane wanted to take me back to town to the outdoor market at 10:00 tonight. I begged off, and said that if I could please go to bed a little early, I would be able to get up and swim again with her 85 year old mother.  They just put me to shame.

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