Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Independence Day

When I went down to breakfast on July the 4th, Liliane, Arthur, and Regina sang (sort of)  the Star Spangled Banner.  It was so good, that I was obligated to stand and put my hand over my heart.  They apologized for not having any fireworks.  We had a picnic instead.  We drove to several small villages in the area.  

These French villages are so picturesque that they don't even seem real.  I must have taken 50 pictures of ivy covered walls and colorful shutters.

We shopped in some of the little village stores.  This was a cute little antique shop.

French people eat ALOT, but they are in very good physical shape because they walk so much.  The trip up and down the streets of the little villages could make for some big calf muscles.

Regina and John Michael graciously drove us all over the countryside, in and out of the backroads, places that tourists never see.  We walked down back alleys, through tunnels, and saw the best and most interesting places.  I'm sleeping well at night!

We left their home Monday morning and drove to AIX (pronounced X).  This is where Arthur and Liliane went to college.  We walked all afternoon, in and out of shops, eating at a wonderful restaurant where I enjoyed a delicious vegetable crepe.  

A funny thing happened at the restaurant.  Our order fell on the floor, so to make up for the lost time, the waiter brought out a special sparkling wine drink.  He filled Liliane's glass and Arthur's glass and then left.  When he came back he brought a glass of apple juice for me.  Liliane could not imagine why he didn't give me the wine drink, also.  Then she realized that he didn't get a very good look at me, so I must have looked a bit younger (or smaller) from the back, and he thought I was their daughter!  We all got a huge laugh over that!  I love France.

  • French people must not need a bathroom very often, because when you need one.....there are NONE to be found!
  • They like statues of naked men.
  • French men get mad when they dent their car door and say cuss words.  I think I learned a new word.  John Michael hit the passenger door of his new Toyota going into his garage.  I think the word started with an “M”.
  • French people love to drink “aperitifs” at the beginning of a meal that taste like licorice and aperitifs at the end of a meal that taste like licorice.
  • And French people really do sit outside at little street-side cafes and sip their aperitifs.

This morning, Liliane went to get her 85 year old mother to go to the beach.  She is quite the sassy French lady.  I have her story for another time.  Now it is time for my siesta.  French people speak Spanish, too.

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