Friday, July 9, 2010

Caesar on the Rhone and Pink

Yesterday was a study in French cultural contrasts.  Liliane and Arthur enjoy going to museums, so they took me to an exhibit in Arles of relics excavated from the Rhone River.  The most amazing find was a bust of Julius Caesar.  This was one of the first statues of Caesar before they began worshipping him as a god.  This particular bust was amazing in the facial details showing the wrinkles of a middle aged man.  The later statues of Caesar had no such details; they were "photoshopped" out so to speak.

From Arles we traveled down the coast to a town called Fos.  Fos has the second biggest harbor in France.  It is an industrial town that is trying to improve its image, so the town came up with a festival that they call 


For the last six years, the town has chosen a color and built a festival around that color.  Last year's color was yellow, and this year's color was pink.  I mean really pink.  Everyone was dressed in some shade of pink.  Last night was the first night of the celebration, and it started with a pink parade. 

Liliane said that these were the CanCan majorettes!

All along the streets of the town there were art exhibits, music, face painting, pink hair designing, and even pink dress designing!  The children of the village were very involved in the festivities and obviously were having a wonderful time.

Liliane told me to be sure and take a picture of this and she would explain the meaning behind it. . . . probably some kind political satire.  The French love political satire.

Pink elvises and pink drinks!

The evening ended with a pyrotechnic show that was amazing!  Four guys were playing drums and various other kinds of weird instruments that were synchronized with fireworks......kind of like a "pops on the river" so to speak.

By this time, it was almost midnight.  The freeway was closed going to Marseille, so we were caught in traffic in Marseille.......again.  It took us a couple of hours to get back to La Ciotat. It was another long full day in France.  Liliane was up early to take her mother back to the beach.  I begged off and stayed home.  I'm a travel wimp.

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