Friday, July 2, 2010

Arthur's Orange Wine and Poached Fish

When I went downstairs for breakfast yesterday morning, I noticed a tupperware container on the counter.  Getting a whiff of fish, I peeked inside.  There were two fish soaking in warm water.  I thought perhaps Liliane was thawing out some fish for supper.  Asking her about it, she smiled and said that she was "cooking" the fish.  She places fish in the container with some spices and then pours hot water over them to cook.  I honestly started dreading supper that night which is, by the way, about 9:00 every night.  But, the fish wasn't half bad, I just wouldn't let myself think about the way it was cooked.  My favorite thing to eat so far is bread and cheese.  The French cheese is so good, especially paired with their good wine!

We are going on a picnic to the beach tonight with Liliane and Arthur's Servas Club.  Servas is a hospitality network that tries to promote peace through personal contacts.  When they travel, they stay in each other's homes.  So, Arthur is responsible for bringing the orange wine.  Intrigued, I asked him to explain his recipe.

      • Bitter oranges
      • Alcohol
      • Rose wine
      • Let it steep for four months and voil√†!  It was really good! But only, he explained, to be drank before or after a meal......never during a meal.  The French never drink sweet wine with a meal.

      Liliane and I went to La Ciotat yesterday afternoon to do a little shopping.  It is a quaint little seaside village.  

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