Thursday, July 1, 2010

30 Pieces of Salt

I cost Liliane 30 pieces of salt.  She belongs to a bartering club that uses virtual "salt" to purchase services.  For example, Arthur is a retired accountant and someone purchased his services to help them with their taxes.  The members of the club can purchase someone's help for their garden, to cook a meal, paint a room, fix a door, etc.  So back to me...........Liliane called a lady in the Salt Club to come help hook up my laptop to the wireless network.  Liliane didn't have a clue.  I tried to plug it in to the Ethernet, but the French plugs are different from ours.  The lady was very nice and quickly showed us what to French, of course!  Now, Liliane will have to "sell" her services to get her salt back.

On Thursday, we went back to the beach.  It was even more crowded than the day before.  My thoughts on French beaches:

  • The people are not too worried about the sun.
  • The children love to skinny dip.
  • No need for dressing rooms because people just change right there on the beach.
  • Old ladies can wear bikinis--it's OK.
  • Yep, some women like to sunbath topless, but most don't.
  • Did I say how crowded they are?  One tourist commented that they were able to go to the beach one day and actually lay their towel horizontal and not vertical.
            This is Lola playing with Francoise.....Lola is Remi's little girl.  She and Patton are the same age.  She has the sweetest smile.  She just smiles at me when I say something to her in English.  Francois, on the other hand, just keeps saying something over and over to me and just doesn't understand why I won't answer him.

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