Tuesday, June 29, 2010

The Journey

Overnight:  Thoughts on overseas airplane travel
  • I’m glad I was on the aisle
  • If we crash in the ocean, only first class passengers have a life vest--what’s with that?
  • Individual TV screens--cool 
  • Avatar--amazing even on a tiny screen
  • Meal on board--not too good
  • Sleep on board--terrible
  • Getting to Europe in 8 hours--amazing
At Rome airport:
  • No idea where I was in the airport
  • Departure screen--so many cities kept popping up and where the heck was Marseille? 
  • Finally saw it--B14, hope that’s right since it shows take-off in military time
  • Followed the crowd--still no idea where I was
  • Get off of tram--still following crowd
  • Everything’s in Italian, uh oh, I’m in trouble, go the opposite of exit
  • Find the main terminal and the B concourse and B14--Marseille!, so happy
  • Might need Euros, so I look for an ATM machine, put my debit card in nervously, (that’s my only source of money), but it works! Got 500 Euros, have no idea how much I just exchanged.
  • Back to check in and the lady sends me upstairs to get my boarding pass.
  • Load a bus to go get on the airplane.
  • Reluctantly, give my carryon with my laptop and camera to the luggage crew to load somewhere else on airplane--not happy about that.
  • One last thought--these Italians and French must enjoy reading the news because every single one of them was reading a newspaper on the airplane.

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